ABADIE means "How are you doing!" Abadie Radio came into fruition because young Africans like myself wanted the option of listening to African music whenever.
Abadie Radio is an african internet radio that plays all genres of African music, soweto, zouk, hiphop, highlife, makossa, afrobeat, soca, reggae, and much more. We hope to represent cameroon, Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, and many more countries through our websites.
So here we have it awesome African music all the time. Enjoy!


Show: Correct Sturvs with Tobe (4 episodes available)

Episode 1 - Correct Sturvs with Tobe by Abadie Radio
Quick Note: Because of a recording error, the podcast does not begin until 00:57, so please be patient.

Videos we talk about on the show can be found : HERE

Show: Escape with Iphy and B (7 episodes)

                                                                       Escape with Ify and B episodes with Ify and B by Abadie Radio 

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